ISZ Services

We are a trusted advisor and look to develop long-term relationships with our clients. We have an old fashioned commitment to customer service, but operate in an efficient, performance-driven culture to produce market-leading results. We are well connected and bring our contacts, knowledge and experience to bear in every interaction.

We have Strong and highly experienced team with a proven record in:

i) Corporate Broking: 

Our corporate broking function is the interface between corporate clients and the Market. This crucial relationship is dynamic and adaptive as investor appetites and strategies shift. Communications between our clients and shareholders (both current and potential), with the support of our Research and Corporate Broking teams, creates a working partnership for the future success of both the investor and corporate client alike.

Our relationships with investors, which range from top tier local fund managers through to frontier and Africa focused fund managers, provide us with the ability to actively manage capital structure and ensure the appropriate levels of market exposure. Too often companies complete the complex listing process and the fail to build or maintain the initial surge of interest. Through close collaboration and regular involvement, we help listed companies to maximize every opportunity to engage with the market

  • Providing equity market related advice
  • Executing equity-related transactions
  • Coordinating institutional investor relations services
  • Treasury buying or sales by the Company
  • If appropriate, stake-building in target companies


ii) Institutional Sales

Invictus Securities provides institutional clients with access to investment opportunities in large, mid and small cap companies across all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. We match the investment strategies of institutional investors with our specialist sector knowledge to focus on the very real potential of neglected opportunities.

Research-led, we offer a defined focus on stocks not well covered by the local market, typically in the mid to small cap space, seeking to identify value opportunities as well as longer-term investment strategies.

Our traditional values are the strength of our offering. We balance our detailed market knowledge and strategic insight with honest, on-the-ground advice.

In so doing, we have built relationships based on trust that deliver genuine and lasting value.

We provide institutional clients with a range of investment ideas, whilst at the same time adding to their knowledge and understanding of the issues and drivers that are shaping our chosen sectors.

iii) Private Clients

We support clients with a simple step-by-step guide to investment planning that helps set clear objectives, creates an investment strategy, executes a plan and manages investments on an on-going basis for superior returns. Clients benefit from a structured portfolio construction process that encompasses the full range of assets including equities, funds, gilts, corporate bonds, collective investments and structured products

iv) Investor Relations

Invictus provide strategies and assistance to companies to enable to be more visible and accessible to investors and analysts. Invictus will liaise with management to create a strategy that provides the most efficient and professional avenues for more effective communication and to convey accurate information about the company to interested parties

v) Research and Advisory

The Research team underpins the work of all the other departments within Invictus Securities. We exploit a wide range of research techniques to help us identify growth sectors and then seek out those companies that are best-positioned to exploit these opportunities. We have a number of research products that we use to update our clients with trading opportunities and investments strategies. Our research products include

vi) Portfolio Valuation and Advisory:  Invictus Securities manages active Portfolio Valuation and Analysis on a Monthly basis. We also provide stock picks and recommendations backed by research in an effort to maximize and optimize portfolio performance.

  • Monthly Snapshot Report
  • Research Insights
  • Annual Outlook Reports
  • Adhoc Reports/Articles
  • Daily Price Sheet

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