Invictus Capital

Invictus Capital is an integrated financial services company with primary focus on Zimbabwe.

Invictus Capital was established in 2010 by Ritesh Anand, a leading global fund manager with over 15 years investment experience, including 7 years at the world’s leading endowment the Wellcome Trust.

Invictus Capital provides investment management, advisory and securities trading services in Zimbabwe.

Flag of Zimbabwe in Harare Zimbabwe where investment is growing

Over time, Invictus Capital will seek to expand into other African countries in Southern and East Africa.

Invictus Capital will seek to create long-term value for its investors, clients and the broader economy.

The Company’s business model is focused on providing both listed and private equity investment management, corporate finance solutions that create value, strengthen businesses and benefit all stakeholders.


The Cape Pangolin is revered in African society as a sacred symbol of supremacy, wealth and leadership. It is a mystical animal, whose powers are bestowed only upon Chiefs and Kings and whose ancient wisdom knows no bounds.

It is with integrity that we choose this beloved animal to represent our Company.