Our relationship with individual investors is critical. They have a vital role to play in the market and a well-structured portfolio of investments in Zimbabwe listed equities and other investment classes can help deliver superior returns over the long term.

Many individuals have experienced short-term relationships with brokers that do not make the effort to fully understand their investment objectives. Invictus Securities hasbeen established to ensure private clients get a better deal.

We support clients with a simple step-by-step guide to investment planning that helps set clear objectives, creates an investment strategy, executes a plan and manages investments on an on-going basis for superior returns.

We take time to really understand each individual’s appetite for risk, making specific, tailored recommendations in response to each set of circumstances.

Clients benefit from a structured portfolio construction process that encompasses the full range of assets including equities, funds, gilts, corporate bonds, collective investments and structured products. Private clients are also now able to access the IPO and Pre-IPO markets through Invictus Securities and these offerings are an exciting opportunity for adventurous investors.

For investors looking for market insight and investment advice they can trust, Invictus Securities helps private clients to realise significant value in a dynamic trading environment.