Invictus Advisory

Corporate Advisory

The Corporate Finance team at Invictus Advisory is a relationship-based service that helps companies maximise the value of their participation in the market on an enduring basis

Corporate advisory services are provided by a team who understand the importance of providing bespoke advice to each company and working closely with the management team to help them develop and deliver their objectives, adding genuine and lasting value to their shareholders

Our Services Include:

  • Initial Public Offerings
  • Secondary Fund Raisings
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Spin offs
  • Listing by Introduction
  • Debt Offerings
  • Management Buy Outs/Management Buy-ins
  • Reconstructions
  • Liaising with the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and SEC on regulatory issues facing Listed Companies

Major Transactions completed include:

  • 2012: Sponsoring Brokers of $5m Rights Issue for Zimplow
  • 2014: Lead Financial advisors and sponsoring brokers for Bindura US$20m Bond Issue
  • 2014: Lead Financial Advisors and Sponsoring Brokers for Rio Zim US$10m Rights Issue
  • 2014: Lead Financial Advisors and Sponsoring Broker for Axia Mandatory offer to Minorities
  • 2020: Sponsoring Broker for Disposal of Meikles Hotel Transaction Valued at US$20million
  • Current investor relations: Meikles, Econet and Dairibord

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