Invictus Securities provides institutional clients with access to investment opportunities in large, mid and small cap companies across all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. We match the investment strategies of institutional investors with our specialist sector knowledge to focus on the very real potential of neglected opportunities.

Research-led, we offer a defined focus on stocks not well covered by the local market, typically in the mid to small cap space, seeking to identify value opportunities as well as longer-term investment strategies.

Our traditional values are the strength of our offering. We balance our detailed market knowledge and strategic insight with honest, on-the-ground advice.

In so doing, we have built relationships based on trust that deliver genuine and lasting value.

We provide institutional clients with a range of investment ideas, whilst at the same time adding to their knowledge and understanding of the issues and drivers that are shaping our chosen sectors.

Market Making:

Invictus maintains firm bids and ask prices in selected stocks by standing ready, willing and able to buy or sell at publicly-quoted prices.