Our corporate broking function is the interface between corporate clients and the Market. This crucial relationship is dynamic and adaptive as investor appetites and strategies shift. Communications between our clients and shareholders (both current and potential), with the support of our Research and Corporate Broking teams, creates a working partnership for the future success of both the investor and corporate client alike.

Our relationships with investors, which range from top tier local fund managers through to frontier and Africa focussed fund managers, provide us with the ability to actively manage capital structure and ensure the appropriate levels of market exposure. Too often companies complete the complex listing process and the fail to build or maintain the initial surge of interest. Through close collaboration and regular involvement, we helplisted companies to maximise every opportunity to engage with the market.

Our Services

Working on a retained basis, we are responsible for managing the market profile of companies and for the following services:

  • Providing equity market related advice

  • Executing equity-related transactions

  • Coordinating institutional investor relations services

  • Treasury buying or sales by the Company

  • If appropriate, stake-building in target companies